The Podcast

A participatory podcast about folks who identify as BIPOC and their relationships with technology.

Our Digital Selves is a podcast exploring the relationship that BIPOCs in Toronto, and beyond, have with technology. (“BIPOC” refers to folks who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as people of colour.)

We’ll use this podcast as a digital space to explore both the good and the bad when it comes to tech. We’ll ask questions like: how has tech helped us build community or relationships? What are some of our experiences with racist tech? How has the Internet helped you get to know yourself better, or created a place for you to share and find community?

A Participatory Podcast

We want this podcast to be co-created with a variety of BIPOC perspectives! Interested in participating? For each episode, we’ll publish a prompt or question for contributors to respond to about their relationship with technology. We’ll ask contributors to record their answer, and then email their audio clip to us. After a couple weeks of receiving submissions, we’ll combine the clips and release the episode online.

We're now accepting contributions from folks who identify as BIPOC to our pilot episode: How the Internet Saved My Life. Learn more about how to contribute your story or perspective here!

(Thanks to the Method for the idea of an “open source podcast”!)