Digital Justice Community Design Jam

Our third community co-design took place on August 26, and focused on brainstorming a series of community initiatives that explore issues of digital rights and digital justice.

Why digital rights?

In an industry where the established norm is most often white, cis, male, upper middle class, many BIPOCs experience exclusion and discrimination while navigating mainstream technology spaces. We believe that a lack of racial diversity in the technology industry leads to technological products and innovations that perpetuate dominant systems of oppression that ignores the needs of racialized and underserved communities.

As BIPOCs living in Toronto—a city where half of the population are visible minorities, we are interested in exploring digital justice principles around equitable opportunities for communities of colour to participate as active creators—and not just consumers—of technology.

We also recognize that the design and technology industries are not politically neutral. From digital redlining, to predictive algorithms, to facial recognition technology, many tech innovations and corporations have historically, and continue to, discriminate against, exclude, or actively harm communities of colour.

View the full event description and details on our Eventbrite page.

What did we discuss at the design-jam?

  • What issues come to mind when we think of digital justice?

  • What would a digitally just world look like to us?

  • Break out groups and brainstorming around:

    • Tech and Ethics

    • Digital Security

    • Tech and BIPOC storytelling

See our transcribed co-design outputs here.

Relevant resources from the session