Community Co-Designs

A large component of IntersectTO has been shaped by folks in the BIPOC community who are interested in tech!

Co-Design Session 1

What? Collaborative session to envision what a tech community for BIPOCs in Toronto could look like.

When? January 16, 2018

Details: What could an affordable, accessible community space for POCs interested in tech look like? Help us envision a co-working/skill-sharing space and workshop series for 2018! Inspired by the Color Coded project in LA, we're hoping that this can be a similar community both for learning tech skills (e.g. web development, digital design) as well as a space for discussion/talks/workshops on how technology affects communities of colour. (You can read more about Color Coded here:

See full event page on Eventbrite.

Co-Design Outputs: Link to google doc here.

Co-Design Session 2

What? Follow-up session for BIPOC folks to connect and build off of January's initial co-design session

When? March 21, 2018

Details: Focused on co-creating a programming calendar and mapping community resources (Who has event ideas or skills they want to share? Who has space they can lend out? What kinds of events do we collectively want to see happen?)

See full event page on Eventbrite.

Co-design outputs: Link to google doc here.